carefree and careful (missderinger) wrote in knitting,
carefree and careful

pattern corrections?

okay, so last week I made the ubernatural cardigan from Magknits--it's a stephanie japel pattern, and I really like most of the things I have seen of hers, and once I messed with the pattern, it came out beautifully. I had a few pretty frustrating problems when I started....the number of stitches in the directions just didn't add up to the number of stitches you were supposed to have on the needles, etc, so I spent a while re-writing it more clearly.

basically, it would say something like: make buttonhole, knit 7, yo....and if you followed it like it said, you would be about a dozen stitches short because what it meant was to include the 5 stitches needed in making the buttonhole in the knit 7, so you were really making the buttonhole, knitting 2, yo, etc. it was confusing.

the girls at my SnB think that I should email magknits with the revised pattern, and explain. I think thats tacky, but I really like the cardigan and think more people should make it because once you figure the damned thing out it's really simple and cute. and on big needles, so it's fastfastfast.

what do you think?

[I swear that someday I will get my internet at home fixed, and then I will post about a million FOs and stop with the text-only posts! I know we all just want to look at pictures.]
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