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finished cleaves and boobholder sleeve info

got the yarn on saturday and just finished it last night. today i went around trying to look for a nice brooch for it before taking a picture but didn't find any that i liked. oh well. the only minor adjustments i meade were the 2x2 ribbing at the wrist/hand. it was only done for about 6inches and the overall length of the sleeves were 21inches. the cowl remains 8 inches long but i took out 2 sets of ribbing so it was 112 sts around instead of 120 for it to fit around my small body :x

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and here's the info on how i did my boobholder with longer sleeves based on my arms. i'll try to be specific as much as possible. sorry, i couldn't write up a proper pattern just for the sleeves.

i followed it nearly the same way but i didn't seperate the sleeves from the body yet to work on the body alone. i also didn't do the poofy sleeve increases. i worked the body section while still doing raglan increases for the sleeves until i had 46 sleeve stitches (which is probably 2-4 rows of body while increasing sleeve stitches). then i seperated the sleeves from the body. after you finish the body, work the sleeves which is:

k2tog at the end of every 4th row until you have 36 stitches left. (for the other arm, i just ssk at the end of every 4th row)
k 4 more rows
switch to smaller needles (7US) and work 2in of 2x2 rib. BO loosely

note: i used dpns for the sleeves.
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