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FO: Tivoli tee

This only took about two weeks, but that was two weeks between cast on/off. I only spent about three days actually knitting. What a good first non-accessory project (well, one that I actually finished)!

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Sorry about the transparency of the thing- it seems we'll be needing a shirt underneath that. I also look really crazy in this picture, but I scratched my cornea so I've been sitting around knitting and being in pain so I look craptastic.

Image hosted by

Close-up, apologies about the gratuitous boobshot.

I learned to knit continental on that, and now I'm learning continental purling on the One Skein Wonder...which is driving me crazy cause I feel like a beginning knitter again. I went to which did a lot for me, but now I have to get into a rhythm. It's so frustrating, but this style is so much more efficient and I didn't have any pain in my hands until I switched to English for the bind off.
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