Claire (klayre53) wrote in knitting,

My dice will be so happy


My revolt against boring dicebags... To do this weekend... Go to store... buy a zipper... sew in zipper...  Fill with dice... threaten to throw it at friends...



ETA: Okay.... PATTERN.. The trickiest thing about it is that you need an equilateral triangle.... 

**NOTE*** This pattern has been added to Ravelry (called D4 Shaped Dicebag).  My ravelry name is also "klayre53."

The tricky part with an equilateral triangle is that the height is not the same as the length of each of the edges.  First, decide how long you want each edge to be.  Then you take that measurement and your gauge and find out how many stitches to cast on. (for instance, I want it to be 5 inches per side and I get 5 stitches per inch, so I need to cast on 25 stitches)
To figure out the height you do: (the length of the edge/2)*(square root of 3) and use your guage to figure out how many rows you want.  Using the same example... if your triangle is 5 inches on each side, it is 4.33 inches high as measured from the bottom edge to the top point in a straight line down the middle)

Then figuring out decreases:

Take the number of rows you need-1 to get the number of rows available to make decreases (since you can't decrease in the cast on row)
Take the number of stitches you have cast on-2 for the number of stitches you need to decrease. Divide that in half to find the number of rows you need to use for decreases (decrease 1 st at each edge of row...)
Take the total number of rows total / the number of rows in which you need to decrease to find out how often you need to decrease.
If you get say... every 2.5 rows then alternate decreasing every 2nd and 3rd row, if it's 2.25 than every 2nd row three times and every 3rd row once. I round this number to the nearest quarter to make this easier and it doesn't mess with the accuracy any more than blocking can fix.
Cast off by doing a k2tog, or if you have 3 sts left: k2tog,k1,pass over.
Knit four of them. Embroider on the numbers with thread. Crochet them together. Add a zipper.
Also... this is presented for personal use only. 
Tags: finished object, pattern - misc
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