Katie (gooberfishbowl) wrote in knitting,

FO! Jayne Hat!

This weekend, I knocked out a Jayne hat with one of tvini 's wonderful kits. (Thanks, tvini!) She also included some great knitting tips and instructions for things I had always struggled with before (cable cast ons, especially). I recommend this kit to everyone!

I ended up using size 10 DPNS because my LYS was out of 10 1/2's. This turned out to be a happy misfortune, as I ended up getting gage from the 10's. Sigh. One day I will be able to get gauge spot on.

The hat is super soft and fuzzy, much to my delight. It knits up FAST.

MY husband HATES that picture, but I told him that's the price of getting his own Jayne hat. Infamy.
Tags: finished object

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