ebbing tide (preternatural) wrote in knitting,
ebbing tide

FOs: holidays and my Diva

Feather-and-fan scarf for my mom from Classic Elite Premiere; it folds itself up into an accordion, so I stitched on a lining from a tan satin that does not actually contrast with the yarn as much as the photo makes it appear:

Scarf for one of my sisters, from Trendsetter Yarns Dune. Just garter stitch with some drop-stitch rows, since with a yarn this variegated and fuzzy, stitch definition isn't that clear, and it's really all about the yarn in this case anyway!

The obligatory Clapotis, for my other sister; a narrower version, in Berroco Cotton Twist.

I was muddling around with ideas for a bag to hold my DivaCup, and in my mind I started calling it a DivaSock, which naturally gave me the idea to make something tube sock inspired. This is just from leftover bits of Classic Elite Premiere (the ivory and lilac) and Cashmerino (the blue).

And one scarf that's only halfway to being a FO, from Southwest Trading's Bamboo yarn in chocolate:
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