Sara / Kate (sarakate) wrote in knitting,
Sara / Kate

Fingerless gloves

This is a pair of fingerless gloves I made for my step-mom for Christmas. They're made from America's Alpaca Classic Lite, which is an on-the-heavy-side sockweight yarn, 100% alpaca. They're my own pattern, but I'm considering refining it into a formal pattern to share. They feature a 6-stitch cable up the center back, with a 2-stitch twist on either side and ribs in between; the ribbing, but not the cabling, continues up into the fingers, for extra stretchability there, since these are intended to be worn at her chilly office while working.

And now, pictures!

A shot of both gloves together.

A closeup of the cables and twists on one.
Tags: finished object
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