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Help with stitch pattern!

Could someone be so kind to help me. I'm going insane trying to get this stitch pattern to work.

My swatch and more info

Here's the swatch:

The pattern is for Marcel's Sweater in the Winter 2003 issue for Interweave Knits. Above is a swatch of the Arrowhead A pattern, 2 repeats of it. It looks awful. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The first two rows (if I'm reading the chart correctly), should be:

k tbl, (sl 1 st onto cn and hold in back, k1tbl, p1 from cn)3 times, k1tbl, (sl 1 onto cn and hold in front, p1 k1tbl from cn)3 times.

That's 14 stitches so I did that twice. 2nd row:

p1tbl, p1tbl, k, p1tbl, k, p1tbl, k, p1tbl, k, p1tbl, k, p1tbl, k, p1tbl

I won't go any further as I don't want to write any more of the pattern here, but I think it's in those two rows that I'm messing up and if I figure out what I'm doing wrong, I should be ok from there.

My questions:
-does it matter which way I'm slipping the stitches onto the cn?
-when I have the stitch on the cn and go to the next stitch, does it matter which way I'm going with the yarn (in the front or back around the cable needle)

I don't know if that's even my problem, but those are possibilities!

Help?!? Thanks for reading. What the sweater is supposed to look like can be found here
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