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recycling yarn

I signed up to give a demonstration at a 4-H thing this weekend, and I decided that my topic would be recycling yarn. I've sketched out an outline, and I thought it would be a good idea to have someone else check it to see if there's something else that I should add.

Recycling yarn
~intro-what it is-taking apart old sweaters to knit something else with the yarn/reasons why you should do this-you might find a lot of really nice yarn, it costs less than ready-to knit yarn, an opportunity to destroy something =P
~what to look for-yarn you like, good condition,as little fuzziness as possible unless you want to try and take that apart, check the gauge of the sweater-think what you might make with the yarn, no serged seams-are some seams serged because the pieces were just cut from machine-knit fabric?
~disassembling-cut seams, find end, start frogging, wind into hanks as you go-are there any tricks to this?
~winding-different methods(what kinds of equipment are available?), should probably measure at some point-wind around 18" piece of cardboard(I use a quilting ruler just cause it's right there and ready to use) # of loops=yards
~possible uses-use as a substitute in an appropriate pattern, check if you have enough yarn before you start(hold up sweater sleeve that will probably never be finished because I just assumed that I had enough yarn for a sweater and found out otherwise =/)

Let me know if you think something might need to be changed.
Thanks for looking! =)

edit: one other thing-how do you straighten the frogged yarn, or do you really need to?
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