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cables and stitch increases

this actually relates a little to 2 of today's earlier posts (cables and rib increases). :-) i've taken a baby hat pattern and changed it to include cables. now, in reading up on cables in my SnB book prior to doing them, in the big sack sweater pattern it says you need to add in some stitches when switching from stockinette to the cables to avoid flaring. my question is, how do you know how many stitches you need to increase (per cable)? does the need for an increase apply if you're going from ribbing to the cable pattern? and if so, where do you increase in a rib (that's really a duplicate of an earlier post. i'll be sure to check for answers there)? this will be knit in the round if that matters. oh, just thought of another question, are the increases actually needed in a hat? the band part where the stockinette (or ribbing) will be will be stretched at least a little when put on, in theory doing away with the flaring, no? last one, i promise. would it look better going from stockinette to cable or rib to cable or is it personal taste? pics of this experiment will be posted in the futre (near, i hope. i want this hat done before the baby is!)
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