Windsornot (windsornot) wrote in knitting,

Treasure Island going out of business!

I didn't see any other posts about this, so I thought that I'd go ahead and spread the word.

I was over at one of my local shopping centers, with the intention of not going to the Treasure Island store there because it's too much of a temptation, and lo and behold, they were having a storewide clearance because they were going out of business! A few of us at the cashier line asked the cashier if it was just that store, and she said it was the whole chain was going out of business due to mismanagement, etc. and that supposedly they'd be closed for good in March, but she didn't bet on that happening (implying that it might be sooner). Everything in the yarn section was about 30% off, but I'm sure the prices will go down as time goes down too. The cashier seemed to think that there wasn't much left in the yarn section since that seemed to be most of what she saw, but there seemed to be a decent amount of stuff still back there.

So, if you are looking to plump up your stash (and I was working on trying to bust my stash, but oh well), now's a good time!
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