knittinmol (knittinmol) wrote in knitting,

I need help finding a yarn...

So it's not like I need any more yarn at this point, but a co-worker wants me to make him a neck warmer/scarf thing. He liked the look of some sock weight yarn I'm using to make Broadstreet mittens for myself, but wanted it "in navy - with multi colors like those things you are making".

For an example of what he's looking for, this is the yarn I'm using (Regia Veriegated Sock Yarn) and this appears to be it's navy equivalent.

The problem is this, there is no way I'm making him something in sock weight yarn like that! So I googled around, looked at,, and others and haven't found something that will fit the bill. So I turn to you, the wise ladies and gents of Knitting to help me find something even remotely close to this in a worsted or heavier weight yarn.

Can anyone help me? Bueller?
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