michellerene (michellerene) wrote in knitting,

First Sweater FO!

Hi all. I finally finished my ds's sweater! It's my first foray into sweaters since learning how to knit in November! I'm actually pretty amazed at how far I've come in such a short time! It's knit from 100purewool in the colorway Winter Joy. It's a top down raglan pattern knit on circulars & dpns. The pattern is from here. It's still blocking. Can't wait to put it on the boy!

The pattern is simple & straightforward, so I didn't have many issues... but the sleeves needed some tweaking. I followed the pattern exactly, but by the time the fist one was the length it was supposed to be, I had fewer stitches on the needle than the pattern said I should have. In fact, I was supposed to be able to keep decreasing until a certain number of stitches was on my needle... I already had fewer than that! I frogged back and did my own thing to get the right length & just stopped decreasing when I had the 24 I was supposed to have. Was probably a gauge issue. This is a pretty forgiving pattern, though, and it's for a baby anyway-- he looks darned cute in anything! This pattern mostly taught me the construction of a top down sweater, so now I feel more confident about doing sweaters in general. I really like this line of patterns, though. I bought this one & the cardigan & the hooded pullover. They're so...well, pure & simple, just like they say! Oh, the yarn is divine. It's very unprocessed-- It is not separate standls wound together, but just one worsed weight strand of merino wool. It's very soft! My only gripe is that the colors are not necessarily how they look on the computer. I purchased the yarn from a co-op & a lot of people are having issues with the colors. Hopefully this issue will get fixed, as the wool itself is just wonderful!
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