Bertha (bertha79) wrote in knitting,

Need some help resizing pattern for different size and yarn - anthropologie inspired capelet

So, I am wanting to make the Anthropologie inspired capelet from Peony Knits (pdf pattern available for free in her sidebar) but I need to do some resizing because I am using a different weight yarn, and need to make it bigger.

In her pattern, she gives directions on how to make a size S-M, with a 16" neckline, using Rowan Polar (3 st/inch on size 11s). I need to make one with an 18" neckline and I am going to be using Noro Cash Iroha, with which I got 4 st/inch on size 9 needles. 

So in the pattern it says "For exact sizing measure around your neck at the collarbone and multiply that number by the gauge per inch. If that number is even, add one stich to get your CO amount" So 18 x 4 = 72 + 1 = 73 for my CO amount. I got that part.

Then it says "If you're following your own measurements, divide the total CO# by 6 to get the number of stitches for each of the front & sleeve sections. Multiply that number by 2 to get the number of st for the back section. You may need to add or subtract 1 stitch to get the total to add up to the CO amount."

So, if I divide 73 / 6 that comes out to roughly 12 for each of the 4 front and sleeve sections, and multiplying that by 2 = 24 for the back, + 1 = 73. Got that part too.

Here is where I get confused. After you knit the ribbing for the neckline it says:

Raglan Row 1 (RS): k2, p6, yo, pm, p1, yo, p7, yp, pm, p1, yo, p15, yo, pm, p1, yo, p7,yo, pm, p1, yo, p6, k2 (57 stitches total, 8 have been increased)

But since I am making a different size, how do I plug my numbers into that row? Like, where do I place the extra stitches? If I followed that row exactly as written with my new CO amount, I'd have a bunch of extra stitches left I making sense? I am not sure I am explaining this right, but if anyone can help, that would be awesome! Thanks!
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