Xtina (the_xtina) wrote in knitting,

Arr, advanced concepts elude me.

I'm making a double-knit ribbon.  I picked up double-knit instructions from here, and modified them so's it comes out 6 of colour 1, 1 of colour 2, repeat to the end, 6 again.  (Four bands of one, three stripes of another.)  So far, it's easier than it sounds or looks, which is fine.

Question, though - how are the edges supposed to go?  Mine are ending up open, as though I'd just knitted two ribbons and seamed them at the ends, and I'm not sure that's supposed to happen.  The instructions above say to "[t]wist strands at end of row to form a firm edge", but I'm afraid I have no idea what that means.

I'm willing to just selvedge and sew once done, but I'm kind of curious what I'm missing, there.

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