Kwispy (kwispysknitting) wrote in knitting,

Progress with lace at last!!

I am working on the Fiber Trends Leaf Lace shawl. After multiple attempts using Knit Picks Shadow with US 5 needles, I put this project on hold for a while. I tried making Branching Out and failed miserably at that as well. I decided to try again after resolving some tension issues, and this is what I have so far.

The yarn I am using is Lamb's Pride sportweight in Meadow, on size US 10 needles. I am about three repeats in. I am finding that it is a LOT easier for me to knit this thing in total silence, which sucks in a way because I love knitting to music. I also didn't put in stitch markers for the center stitch in previous attempts, but I did this time and that helped a lot more than I originally gave credit for. Silly me. It looks kind of messy right now, actually, quite messier than I thought it would look, but I can actually see leaves!! Those yellow things are embroidery threads as my lifelines.


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