Amanda (failstoexist) wrote in knitting,

grafting stitches

I'm almost done with my felted bag...I did the front and back panels in entrelac and then connected them to a strip of rectangles. The handle is a 4-stitch icord that I picked up from the sides and plan to graft together. I'm just wondering whether I should do a 3-needle bindoff, kitchener stitch, or something else to join them. It's going to be felted, so I'm not sure if it matters or if one is stronger. at the moment each icord has its own ball of yarn and is just about the length I want.

I have no idea how this is going to felt, or if it is going to end up being a ridiculous mess, but oh well! It's an experiment. my knitting olympics goal was to teach myself entrelac...mission accomplishmed. :)
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