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FO, WIP, and yarn. What else? ;]

First sweater, growing leafy sock, yarn for rogue, and new sock yarn...

Finished sweater #1 as my Knitting Olympics challenge. Didn't quite make the gold, but it at least provided the necessary motivation to keep on chugging when I was getting a bit bored and itching for some socks..

At least the sweater is gold..

Pattern: Cal, by Kim Hargreaves, in The Cork Collection by Rowan.
Yarn: Rowan Cork. It's discontinued, but I found it via Jannette's Rare Yarns on ebay (yeah, i recommend her; yeah i give her lots of money). Squishy, tightly plied (resists splitting), and wonderfully soft in both yarn and fabric form. I'm pleased to say I've got another bag of this stuff awaiting transformation.
Needles: Size US11(!). Felt like knitting with crayons for awhile.
Modifications: Yeah, this pattern blew a little bit. Only a little bit. The sleeves...well, the math didn't make any sense. I couldn't follow the increase instructions *and* end up with the appropriate measurement, so I had to wing it. Which made me very nervous, being a bit fuzzy on sweater construction comprehension. Worked well enough, thankfully, and my sleeves are not five feet long. Woo!

This sweater may not get so much outside use, as I feel a bit frumpy in it...but it's absolutely wonderful for a cozy indoor sweater. Which is as planned, so just fine by me. :]

Here's what's back on the needles, after a several month hiatus:

Socks, it's great to be back.

First of the pair, which is for my mother's birthday (mid-march).
Pattern: Leaf and Tendril Socks from Cat Bordi's Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. Love this pattern, though it helped immensely once I decided to chart the thing out.
Yarn: Sock Landscapes from knitpics. 100% merino, so they're nice and soooft. The yarn is incredibly pleasant to work with, and my only complaint is the constant twistyness of the yarn while I'm knitting. Could be my fault; the ball it's been sitting in for so long is fairly tight.
Needles: Two size 2 addi turbos.

Yarn for Rogue (the grey); sweater #2:
Waiting patiently
It's this stuff by Bartlett, from The pink one is for the cabled celtic hat.

And finally, the most recent additions to the stash (not that they'll stay there long):
Koigu sock yarn! Ah, Lorna's Laces.

If you're feeling opinionated(/curious/bored) and clicky, feel free to wander over to my flickr page (click the last photo), check out the three pictures I posted of socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road and see if you have an easier time than me picking out one or two that calls out to the Koigu or LL's. I've got plenty of time to decide, as before I get to them I've got to finish the mom socks, and would like to tackle the jaywalkers that I started and ripped back (looked great, but too tight) before starting something completely new. :]
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