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I promise I have spent an ample amount of time looking on lj seek and google and knitty and magknits. I cannot find what I'm looking for though.

I told a dear friend that I would make a sweater for her son. He will be in 2T by next winter. I would prefer something that will be very warm since they are in Chicago. So a sweater pattern for something that is classic with cables and a pullover. I can find lots of patterns for baby sweaters but nothing for 2T.

I like the Trellis pattern on knitty, except that's it a cardigan and it doesn't go up to 2T. My knitting skills are not advanced to convert this pattern in any matter and this will be my first sweater. I am okay with challenges and I have a little less than a year to figure out how to make a sweater. I am a beginner, but am willing to push my skill level.

Also if you have any suggestions for good yarn for the sweater. I don't mind paying the money if it will be machine-washable and will hold up after lots of activity and wear.

This is a lot to ask in a post, but I will greatly appreciate any direction!
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