Sheri Ann (divagrrrl13) wrote in knitting,
Sheri Ann

first time felting...too tired to go on!

Hi all -- I'm at home recovering from surgery, and decided to make a felted bag for the woman who is taking care of all my stuff at work for me while i am gone. I knitted up the whole thing in the hours that i haven't been in the hospital, and I was ready to try felting it tonight.

I look up felting techniques on google, and on lj-seek, and all those things. All of them say just to put it in the washer. Of course, I am afraid of my basement, where the top-loading washer is, and besides, I have to pay $1.00 per load (cheep, i know) and my sink is actually clean and free of dishes! I know somewhere on LJ, there are stories of felting in a sink or tub. So i fill my sink with hot water, soap (not detergent) and my bag and the strap. I don rubber gloves and start to agitate. And agitate, and agitate, and agitate.

Needless to say, I am not done felting yet. The strap is getting there, but the Lopi is shedding like mad on the rubber gloves, and is a little lumpy. The bag isn't even barely's at the stage where it is huge. And I am tired, and thinking that all that agitating isn't all that good for my neck surgery.

Can i leave the bags in my sink overnight and brave my basement in the morning? Do i need to finish felting tonight? Do i need to do anything to my felting tonight so that I can just throw it in the washer in a old pillowcase tomorrow? Do I need to worry about messing up my landlady's washer if it is in an old pillowcase?

Thanks to anyone who can get to these questions in this late hour for me. I'm sleepy. :(
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