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Much with the YAY!

Yay, FO Dump! These are the projects I've finished in the last month or so. I've had some FUN.

Branching Out - Made with a brand new yarn that ArtFibers got in two days before I bought it. I was actually in the day they got it in, but I didn't have the money to get it that day. It's called Sylph, and it's 76% silk, 19% superkid mohair and 6% wool. It's like knitting with clouds, and it barely splits. This is going to my grandmother, who doesn't know I knit. What a nice grandson I am. Of course, it'll also make my aunt (who is a married-in and is snobby snobby SNOBBY) all jealous. And we love that. Not that I'm a bitch or anything...

These are the Celtic Cap that everyone seems to be making lately. The green one goes to the very same grandmother who's getting Branching Out from above, and the white one, which I just finished today, is going to my mother, who lovingly bought me the pattern so that I could make her a hat. Wasn't that nice of her? They're made with Cascade 220, and only use about half of the ball (maybe a little more). I have 3 or 4 more of these to make, because all the women in my family want one. The last two are modeled by my wonderful partner.

Shoalwater Shawl for a friend. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Seaside. Super easy, super big, fabulous yarn, great pattern. I just need to block this and weave in the ends and I can send it out to her. Yay!

Again with the ArtFibers. Again with a gift for the Mother of Me. Again with the World's Best Son award and the Makes The Office Ladies Jealous award. I win! This yarn is called Fauve, and it's also dreamy to work with. It's 46% cotton, 20% hemp and 34% nylon, and it stripes like that. I loved the way it striped, so of course, Mom had to have it. It takes a Russian Join fabulously, as it's not plyed (plied?) yarn, but rather a tube-ish yarn. The ends of the join just disappear. Fantastic and happy-making, and great colors.

And for those of you who remember me lamenting about not being able to make a shawl for myself because it would end up being lace and Boys Can't Wear Lace (thanks to the Puritanical crap that our society spews forth), I present to you the beginnings of my European Man Wrap. The pattern is Heartstrings' Ethereal Fichu, and the yarn is Blue Heron Yarns' Silk/Rayon Twist in the Tulip colorway. It's all vivid reds and oranges with a touch of purple. It's 350 yards of worsted weight being knit on size 10.5 needles, whereas the pattern calls for 600 yards of laceweight knit on size 6. I won't be able to finish the whole pattern, but I'll get a big chunk of it done, and I. Will. Look. FABULOUS. The first pic shows better color, the second shows better pattern. Go me!
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