Azziria (azziria) wrote in knitting,


So... I've three projects on the needles at the moment (yes, I know - I usually try to only have two on the go, but one is a long-term cable sweater for DH project and the other two are things my children apparently had to have right now).

One of the projects is a 'hairy' scarf for my DD. Last night, knitting when tired and not in good light, I managed to make a stitch. When I realised I tried to unpick it, but I couldn't figure out exactly what I'd done, so rather than risk dropping a stitch I knitted two together and carried on.

You can't see the mistake, because the scarf is so shaggy. The only person who will ever know it's there is little old perfectionist me.

Reassure me - these little irregularities are what makes handmade stand out from machine-made, right?

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