Monica (homodachi) wrote in knitting,

Knitting Clapotis with Artfibers Kyoto yarn?

Hello knitters,

I'm thinking about knitting Clapotis with Artfibers Kyoto yarn.
  • Have you (or someone you know) done this?
  • Have you knit with Kyoto on a different project?
I'm a little gun-shy and I would really appreciate any tips/warnings/encouragement you might have. Kyoto isn't technically expensive, but I wouldn't call it cheap, and Clapotis seems like it takes a lot of yarn to knit up. (Most of my projects are on the hats/gloves/socks scale.)

I searched google, the knitting archive, and the Clapotis knitalong ML and came up empty-handed. Will you hold my hand? ♥
Tags: pattern - clapotis, yarn substitutions
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