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Multidirectional scarf, short row hat and knitted snake

A few of my recent FOs/WIPs...

For my birthday, my dad took me to my LYS and told me to buy whatever I wanted (apparently, he likes to live dangerously). I picked out four balls of lovely rainbow Diakeito Diamusee. It took me a few months to decide what I wanted to use it for, but a few weeks ago I decided on a multidirectional scarf. Here's a somewhat blurry photo of the yarn from when I first started the scarf:


I LOVE this yarn! It's incredibly soft and warm, and the bright colors make it an absolute joy to work with. I've had a lot of stress with school during the past few weeks, and knitting with this yarn was the perfect escape. LOVE IT.

This was a great pattern, too. I had a lot of fun watching the stripes and triangles emerge. I finished the scarf about a week ago and have been wearing it constantly ever since.

Take the long view

Scarfy goodness

And a closeup of the stitches:


I've also been working on the Short-Row Hat from one of the recent editions of Interweave Knits. I knit what you see here in one weekend (I even missed a social event to keep working on it...) and now I just need to pick up stitches along the top and finish it.

Short row hat

Unfortunately, it looks absolutely ridiculous on me, as most hats do. =/ So it will probably go to my grandma once it's finished.

I really enjoyed this pattern as well, and the yarn was FANTASTIC! It's Ami-Ami Faith, distributed by Ami-Itoya, and it's uber-soft. Also, they sent me booklets with little sample scraps of all of their other yarns along with the hanks I ordered, which I thought was cool.

Here it is:

More yarn!

And finally, my knitted snake. A few months ago I found out that my boyfriend's favorite animals are snakes - weird thing to suddenly discover after 2 years of dating. So, I knit him a snake for Christmas, out of some red-and-black variegated Lion Brand stuff and a pattern I made up as I went along:

Snake!  A snake!  Ohhh it's a snake!

The thing coming out of its mouth is actually the tail of a mouse cat toy.

That's it for now. I'm currently working on the Monk's Travel Satchel, and of course it's taking forever. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for my sister. Oops. So, probably no more FO pics from me for a while...
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