kitty incarnate (the_marionette) wrote in knitting,
kitty incarnate

Almost forgot....

I finally manage to finish the left hand of my arm warmers. The left glove is slightly smaller than the right. I'm assuming because I was a little rushed in the middle and may have been pulling the yarn tighter than in the other glove. I also ran out of yarn towards the end so rather than spinning some more, setting the twist and then waiting for it to dry just so I could knit one more row, I just did the bind off and said that was that. I love them and they are super warm. I work as a veterinary nurse so they're great to thrown on for that quick dog walk though the people at work are shocked that I'd risk bring them into a dog/cat hair infested animal hospital let alone walk the dog with them.

I can't wait for my yarn to get here and I hope to start my clapotis but I'm worried about something.

I like to think of myself as a pretty good knitter. I'm not what I'd call advanced but I like to think I've got the basics down. The one thing that continues gives me TONS of problems are weaving in ends. You can see it on the picture above. If you look at the bottom edge of my left arm a small little pom-pom. That's a woven in end that is now sticking out on the wrong side. This seems to happen to me on a fairly constant basis. Just about every woven in end on these arm warmers is now poking through to the front. How much do you generally weave in? Across an inch or two? A few stitches? How do you ensure that the cut end will not be pulled to the front of the garment? Do you leave a long tail? There are two such spots on these arm warmers. My mother thinks it adds to the "homemade" look but I think it looks plain sloppy. I don't want the same thing to happen on my clapotis. I've already been through Knitty's article on the subject and I'm still having all this trouble. Any suggestions?
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