Em (beautifulemily) wrote in knitting,

Back to the "Ribbon xBack" from Knitty

Okay, so I'm starting over on the Ribbon Xback from knitty, and I've read that the pattern is 'off' on the measurements, I guess.

Well, now I'm feeling confident in myself to try it once again, and this time I AM going to get it done, and it's going to look great, but I have one question for those of you who have made this before.

It says cast on 90 for small (96 for med, 104 for large (and so on.) 112, 120, 128), well, normally I would wear a size medium sweater or shirt, or a large...depending on the brand. I guess my question is, how many stitches would you suggest I cast on, for myself? (My math isn't very good, and I really don't know how I would go abouts figuring that out). So if I normally wear a size large, would I make this a size med. (to the creators directions, or a small?)

I'm excited to start working on this, again, but I'm worried at the same time...just becasue I don't want to wait a billion years to knit up the ribbon yarn my boyfriend bought for me.

Thank you very much for all your help.
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