steph (steph595) wrote in knitting,

you are all wonderful intelligent beautiful people


I need your help. I know there are a lot of experienced knitters in this community, and I'm hoping some of you might help me out with some suggestions.

Here's the problem: A friend of my husband's has asked me to make him a hat. He spent all night looking for a nice hat pattern for me to make him, and finally settled on this one. The yarn arrived today, so I have to get started on it.

As you can see though, the pattern is for a child/small adult. And his head measures 25 inches.

So, I need to keep to the pattern but make it bigger. I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any suggestions they could make about how I might modify the pattern. Stuff like: how many stitches do you think I should cast on for the size I need? That sort of thing. Shouldn't be too hard, right? I could try doing it myself, and I'm sure I'd get there eventually, but I'd probably have to frog it many, many times before figuring it out. Plus all of you are so wonderful and amazing, I'm sure there's someone out there who can help me out. Did I mention that you're all wonderful people? ;)

Thanks in advance!

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