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in my hurry to felt my bag, I not only forgot to take a "before" picture...I didn't even think about all of the ends. There were approximately a million of them, and I was delighted that once the bag was felted, I could just snip them away. I threw it in with my wash, and was somehow surprised when I took it out and the entire inside had turned into a mat of fiber. I managed to separate it, snip out the biggest clumps of felted yarn-ends...but the top half of the bag didn't felt.

Is there a way to keep it from happening again? Will turning the bag inside out fix that? I had it inside a zipped pillow protector, and the part that did felt looks great. Can I felt this in the machine, or will it be better to try to even it out by hand? right now one edge, most of the top third of it, and the handle still need to be felted. Also, can I put this in the dryer when it's done, or should I just wait for it to dry on its own?

For a completely experimental project, I was surprised. The Merino Style I used created a really nice(if kind of smelly) finished fabric. And even with all of the ends felting together, I was able to shape it pretty easily into what it was meant to be in the first place. :)
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