Kathy Suspicious (kickarse) wrote in knitting,
Kathy Suspicious

pattern help

I'm knitting the striped black and white sweater (#31) from Rebecca 31 and I'm a bit confused on the sleeve shaping...

Here is what the pattern says, and at this point there are 66 stitches across:

When work measures 47 cm or after 100 rows st-st, bind off for sleeve cap at eac end of every 2nd row 4 sts. once and 2 sts. once, then dec 1 st. on every 2nd row 14 times; then dec 1 st. on every 2nd row 14 times as for back. Bind off rem 22 sts.

The part in bold doesn't seem to make sense to me. Am I decreasing in the middle, one stitch per every other row? It seems like you'd want to decrease on both sides? It references the back but on the back there are two decreases on each row, a k2tog and a SKP on each side, with an edge stitch. Help!

eta: The main thing I'm not getting is how it turns out to be 22 stitches at the end. If I bind off a total of 12 stitches, and then decrease 1 28 times, (or dec 2 14 times??) that's 26 stitches.
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