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two FOs!

These are the first FOs I've had the opportunity to post. I'm so excited!

Please pardon the blurriness of some of the pictures. It's almost impossible to get enough natural light to take pictures with this time of year.


First, my finished Mariah from Knitty. I made it using some dark blue Red Heart yarn. (I'd love to use natural fibers but they tend to give me hives so I stay away from them.) It was an awesome experience. I've always loved cabling but had never done one so intricate that it required a chart before. I had a blast with those sleeves!

Speaking of sleeves:

Mariah sleeve

There's a closeup. Again, I'm sorry about it being a bit blurry!

My next FO was a scarf that I made out of some Moda Dea Fur Ever that I got on sale. My primary motivation in making this scarf was to make a scarf that my 7-year-old autistic stepson would find visually interesting to use as a distraction when we have to wait in stores or what not. At any rate, I finished it today.


And here's a closeup of the yarn.

scarf closeup
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