goingdriftless (goingdriftless) wrote in knitting,

I'm the luckiest girl in the world... :)

My boyfriend made me a swift!

Last spring, we spent a day with a friend dying yarn. My boyfriend was enthralled by my friend's swift. He promised me that he would build me one. I kind of shrugged it off like... whatever. But I've since learned that you should never doubt a determined engineer.

Now... I did find instructions that you can purchase to make a swift: http://www.schoolhousepress.com/tools.htm
I offered to order them for him to aide him in this swift-making process. He laughed at me. He said... "Do you think I really need a pattern? I'm an ENGINEER!" I shook my head and truly doubted that I'd ever see my swift.

But then, his parents gave him a drill for Christmas. And what does one do with a drill...? Yes... you build things. He showed up with it the other night, and I was so excited! And it works really well!

So here it is... that's a skein of Lorna's Shepherd Sock on there. It's kind of cool to have a custom-made swift. :)

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