Mimi (tlw4m) wrote in knitting,

kinky + not = ugly

Hi all. :)

Recently I started making the streakers shrug from interweave knits, but I decided to make it using Bernat Satin (acrylic). I bought this yarn sometime in the summer, used up a few balls making something I ended up hating (another shrug from interweave actually...) and then left it sitting around in my room till now. When I saw the streakers shrug it just looked so nice I decided I'd use up the extra balls of Satin I had, then frog the old shrug and use that yarn to do the rest.

Big mistake, or was it?

My shrug was looking great until I started using the frogged yarn. Now half of it looks nice, and half looks like when I just learned how to knit (looks like my tension is constantly changing, but it isn't based on earlier rows).

So (finally) my question is: if I "block" this thing when it's finished, will the kinky yarn / tension problem work itself out? (I know I can't block acrylic, but I just really want to know if wetting it will get the kinks out, and make the ugly half of my knitting look nice again).

I'm willing to rip it all out so that all of my yarn starts out frogged so it all looks the same, but that would make me a very sad muffin.

Please let me know if my work can be salvaged! Thanks!

ETA: Thanks for all the quick responses! I think I'll finish it, wash it, and if it doesn't look right then I'll frog the whole thing, try to de-kink the yarn and start again.
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