naelany (naelany) wrote in knitting,

My gauge for the Coronet hat from Knitty is 3.25" instead of the 4" they say to have (I did just realize that I did the gauge calculation with 17 sts * 20rows though, but that still puts the gauge off quite a bit. If I go to the suggested 28 rows, I get 4" in height).
I'm using Red Heart Supersaver yarn. I've never tried to adjust a pattern before, so I haven't a clue how to attempt to re-do the math for that hat. I was hoping someone here would be able to help me?? The hat has to fit a head with 22 and 3/4" circumference (as you can guess, it's not for me lol). Any ideas how I go about making this hat so it'll fit properly????? Thanks so much for your help

ETA: when checking gauge, do you just look at the height or also the width of the swatch???
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