wyoluvr (wyoluvr) wrote in knitting,

Yarn change techniques - a question

As my one spring break splurge, a classmate and I travelled up to Lansing, MI to visit Threadbear Fiber Arts. After 3 hours, we each came out with less money, gorgeous yarn, and a determination to return (in my case, an hour and a half later, after dinner).

My after dinner purchase was two skeins of Mountain Colors 'Twizzle', in Mountain Twilight and Crazy Woman. I intended to knit a small shawl, but have run into a bit of a snag that none of my knitting books are solving.

I wanted to switch colors every few rows, to keep the colors looking even and that part looks beautiful. I followed the KnittingGeek's pattern for the Thinking Woman's Shawl to a point, and have started adding the occasional lacy detail in the center on a stockinette background. But I initially decided to not cut the yarn every 2-4 rows, and to just carry it up the side...but that's making one side look a little lumpy. Not very much, but a little bit. So my question is: if any of the wise and intelligent members of this community were going to make a shawl like this, how would YOU change the yarn?

The increases are done every row, after the garter stitch border, so it's k3, sl marker, yo, k (or purl on the ws) to end of row.
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