Fernanda (phonemonkey) wrote in knitting,

FO: Gansey Gloves

A pair of gloves for my brother, knitted from this pattern. They are in a 90% wool, 10% acrylic yarn spun and sold by a local LYS, and knit on 3mm bamboo DPNs.


1. The mini-cable ribbing that I did is not the same as in the pattern. I simply repeated rounds 1 and 2 of the pattern without doing rounds 3 and 4, because I prefer the look.
2. Continental is so much faster than Anglo-American for seed stitch. There really is no comparison, for me at least.
3. When attaching the yarn for the fingers, be sure to leave very long tails because you will use those tails to sew up and fill in the gaps at the bases of the fingers.
4. Whenever the pattern said 'Cast on X stitches to bridge the gap' I always needed to do X+1 to make the fingers wide enough without stretching the stitches.
5. When I bound off these gloves, they looked terrible. Bunchy weird blobby things with a funny spirally pattern. I didn't actually block them properly but gave them a good wash in hot water and mild soap, formed them into the correct shape, and left them on the radiator to dry. A vast improvement. I don't think these gloves would work at all well in a non-blockable yarn.
6. I'm thinking that 3mm may be the lower limit of practicality for bamboo DPNs if one is knitting a very tight, dense project like this one. They didn't actually break, but they're very warped now and they made some ominous cracking noises as I picked up and twisted the stitches for the fingers.
7. Incidentally, if anyone is really unhappy with DPNs and wants to build confidence (although they're not scary, honest!) this would probably be a nice project for getting used to them.
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