Kaida Stormshadow (dawnsio_llwynog) wrote in knitting,
Kaida Stormshadow

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Not Socks!

Greetings and salutations! Newbie knitter joining the ranks. :o)

After 5 months of simple scarves and hats, I've just finished my first "major" knitting project. I'm terribly pleased with myself, though more for the fact that I actually finished it at all, instead of ripping it apart in a crying tantrum and leaving it in a tangled mess in a corner. Dropped stitches in a lace pattern make me a sad panda. But, anyway. :o)

Please allow me to present the Edwardian Carrying Cape from Oat Couture, knit using Sirdar Country Style DK in Tartan Green. As modelled by my very patient teddy bear, Andreas. ;o)

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