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Alpaca mittens

Pattern: CJ's Fingerless Gloves with Detachable Mitten Top (sent to me via email by a Secret Pal)
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca, sport weight, colours 53 & 50 (also sent to me by my wonderful secret pal)
Other: 3.25mm DPNs, adorable penguin buttons I had in my collection just waiting for the perfect project...
Cast on: Jan 2/06
Cast off: Jan 12/06

New techniques learned: Kitchener Stitch. And I kind of love it! Mmm... nice tidy mitten tops!
This was also my first foray into gloves and their many fingers... not so bad! A little fiddly with the seemingly way to much needle for so little a tube... but I got the hang of it :) The hardest part was figuring out the picking up stitches and where to attach the yarn for each new finger.. I think I did okay, though.

Changes to pattern: Well, I misread part of it for the mitten top first time through... oops. Missed a bunch of rows. So I accidently made the mitten top shorter then intended :P (I purposefully repeated the mistake for the second mitten top, so at least they match!)
The original pattern calls for 3 buttons, and making button holes. My first try at the button holes did not leave me with any holes... turns out I am unable to do a YO properly when knitting in the round... something I'm going to have to work on...
However, I didn't really care, since I didn't have enough penguin buttons for 3 buttons each mitten. Also, I didn't ever intend to actually remove the mitten top - might lose it that way! So in the end I opted to just stitch the mitten top in place, and added the penguins for just decoration.

What I would do differently if I made them again: Read the pattern more carefully for the mitten tops ;) And I'd make the thumbs complete... while tucking the thumb into the mitten top does keep it toasty, I can't do that when I need to hold something, and my thumbs get mighty cold outside of the mitten top!!

I absolutely adore alpaca yarn, and am in love with these mittens. I've worn them just about everyday since I finished them! They permenantly reside in my winter coat pockets :) They wear well, and I think they've managed to get softer!! *love* They've stretched a bit, and fit more losely, which makes for easier on-and-off taking and has not impacted the warmth giving at all. Even with a several rows shorter mitten top, my fingers stay nice and toasty!

Anyhow, enough of my babble:

KSSP Mittens, originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

Tops up

KSSP Mittens, originally uploaded by dottiemaggie.

Top down!

More pictures of them at my flickr page if you're interested.

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