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FO Red Horse bag

Tonight I finished a felted intarsia bag I have been working on. As a child I always wanted things with horses on them, so now my childhood obsession has been fulfilled. :) It was my second foray into intarsia, the first being a knit square for the square trade community.
Although in no way does it look remotely professional, I still like how it turned out. I created the pattern and the intarsia chart myself so I'm pretty pleased. I will use this bag. That is what matters. The cool thing was I was able to use all recycled hardware from another broken bag I had. So I stole the zipper and the D-rings. Nice!

Yeah and to get an idea of the size, here's me wearing it. Wooo...

1) Felting in a washer that does not do hot water is a pain. I had to haul water from my bathtub and pour it in manually.

2) Using the three needle bind off to both sew my pieces together and add the piping accent was really handy. I hate hand grafting pieces.

3)Just because your test swatch felted a certain way does not mean your project will too. Murgh.

4) Felting in black and red is a pain. I'm still cutting black bits out of the red horse design.

So yeah, I say yay for another finished project. Now onto the Stargate blanket!
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