Abby Franquemont (huaman) wrote in knitting,
Abby Franquemont

Varied WIPs and whatnot...

In to-be-finished order...

This I need to just finish and block and send to its home. Originally it was going to be a sweater, but I had to dispose of some of the fiber due to the evil which I won't name, which invaded early this year, and then wound up with not a lot of yarn left and I was out of materials to match it:

It's a wool/multicoloured silk blend and it's eventually going to come off the needles and be a triangle with enormous lacy diamonds in it -- a salvage type project really since the materials suffered casualties. I just want it gone so it doesn't remind me.

Estimated time remaining: 1 evening and a blocking.

This is the use to which I have wound up putting all 800+ yards of this: . This project is, alas, impossible to photograph in progress, as it looks like an enormous blobby sack. It's really a shawl, though, on a 40" US #2 circular needle, started from the center out with quarters of pattern pulled out of Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting book. Then I put 3 sides on stitch holders, and did another pattern off in one direction, then put that on a holder and went opposite that, so I got a rectangle. Now it's all back on the circ with stitches picked up along the sides of the earlier extensions, with the rectangle being enlarged. I plan to go till I'm basically out of the yarn.

Estimated time remaining: at least a week of evenings, then a blocking

My mother-in-law's shawl, Mark II. I frogged the old version in disgust at how it was working out. It's this yarn that I spun some time ago (, and it's now variations on charted lace stuff in the 4th Barbara Walker book. Needs one more diamond, then an edging, then blocking. This is a longtime WIP now, seriously since like summer 2004 I think. I put it aside because I wasn't nuts about the original pattern I devised for it, then picked it up later and realized it just had to go and start over. All I can say is, it better not want a third time.

Estimated time remaining: 5 evenings, a blocking.

And then this: , which is a one ply cashmere, one ply silk situation (, that came from this which I did the Easter that was one month to the day after my dad died and so it's in his memory... it's now this, which will be bigger once I produce more yarn to match it as closely as I can:

It'll look better once it's finished and blocked, I swear!

I'd like to have the first 3 these things cleared out by roundabout the end of March. The last is going to long-term project status while I consider the yarn. There should be 2 smaller skeins of silk that comes close to matching, which might be a solution, if I can figure out where the heck I put them.
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