Ida (kanaalzahir) wrote in knitting,

Mrs Beeton's

Finished this small project over the weekend and I am very pleased with them.

I knitted them out of Cashsoft DK, colourway 511 "Madame", and Kidsilk Spray, colourway 574 "Regal", on bamboo DPN:s. I must say that the casting on with beads and the Kidsilk was somewhat nightmarish, but it became much better when I did it over two needles instead. This was definitely an advantage of the bamboo being less slippery than my other DPN:s, not sure I could have done it with the normal ones. The Cashsoft on the other hand is a dream to knit with.

I used seed beads with sort of a silver lining and clear Czech glass beads. I like them very much, they give off a very "finished" look with the lovely yarns, the beads and the picot bind-off (which I enjoyed very much). All in all a very nice, small project, finished over the weekend. I will probably make more of them :)

And an action shot:

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