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My knitting is getting jealous...

Before the knit Olympics i was working on The Hours Glass sweater in *swoon* Noro Aurora. Since it stripes i have been trying to wind the yarn beginning with the same color so when i knit the striped will mostly match the way up. My body is done, and i'm on the sleeves. I've seemed to have lost all interest. In the interim,  I knit up Olympic socks and in the middle of the Olympic socks, I began a dishcloth baby blanket! Then Friday i almost finished this Teddy bear. Now abandoned, it looks like a skinned fun fur animal. I have to stuff him and i didn't want to get the polyfill out of the dangerously packed closet. The up side, finally the fun fur that my sister-in-law bought me in a sweet gesture will be used. She though it would make a great scarf. My gift to her is a lion brand Jiffy thick and quick fun fur scarf in "Ozarks"-?-. Don't look at me like that.  Yesterday , in a moment of weakness I went to Knit New York which i just "happened" to pass by and i picked up 4 skeins of Koigu, 2 in moss and 2 in burgundy (not real colorways, i just don't know the numbers), a size 2 bamboo dpns and a go knit bag to put it all in and i knit on the train like a happy little squirrel (Err..a squirrel that knits that is...i'm embarking on an Eddie Izzard moment here, okay forget the whole analogy). So i'm on these gorgeous socks which i'm trying to do something very special with and <i>then</i> i read the post about the 2 skeins of Manos which *gasp* i seem to have in my stash too.Clapotis is calling me.

My friends, i have a problem. I lack knitting monogamy.
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