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Advice needed on EPS raglan top

I'm planning to rip out, from the sleeves up, a short sleeve raglan top completed over the weekend. The body fits well and I'm spot on with the gauge of 6 sts to 1" for a 5 ply yarn on 3.75mm circulars.

According to my EZ (Knitting without tears) I need 66sts for my 11" wide sleeves (all round) and should leave about 17 sts on thread for underarm seams before knitting upwards after joining to body.

I can get away with a slightly tight sleeve and with blocking would probably get a better fit but it just doesn't look right on me. To give an idea on how stretched it looks; I can see through the raglan joins while wearing it.

I'm certain I got the percentages and gauge right, maybe I should have 66 + 17 stitches to start with so that the width is maintained after leaving the arm seam sts on thread?

Please help!
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