Bertha (bertha79) wrote in knitting,

Unraveling gauge swatch in case of yarn shortage & sock sizing?

I know that typically when making a sweater, you buy more than the recommended amount of yarn, so you probably have enough to spare for a gauge swatch. But what if you're knitting something like socks, so you only buy 2 hanks of sock yarn? Is there usually enough in there to spare a 4" gauge swatch and also complete a pair of women's socks?

I am making socks for my Sockapaloooza pal, and since they need to fit her feet, I figured I should knit a swatch. But I was worried about having enough yarn, so instead of binding off the swatch, I just put them on a stitch holder, measured my gauge, and then unraveled the swatch and added it back to the ball of yarn. But now that yarn is all crimpy/slightly fuzzy from being knitted and frogged out, so I don't want the top of her socks to be all crappy looking...will this even out under tension and look fine? In the future should I bind off and keep my swatch? I just didn't want to run out of yarn...

On a related note, I am wanting to use the "Classic Sock" pattern in Folk Socks for her, and it just says to knit the leg (k2, p2 ribbing) as long as you want. But I am not sure how long to make it so that I don't run out of yarn. How long should an average sock leg be? Luckily she has small size 6.5 feet, so I won't have to make the foot too long. I'm using 2 hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, 215 yards each. I really should just buy an extra since I am so concerned about running out, but I bought it online, so not sure I can get the same dyelot (I am using one of the solid colors)...
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