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Knitpicks- Color Reduction

Is it just me or did Knitpicks significantly reduce the number of colors they have available for Sock Landscape? Does this mean they won't be getting them back, do you think? Has anyone noticed any other missing colors in the non-summer yarns? Do you think it's just a seasonal thing? I'm worried now, I think I'm probably going to order some Sock Landscape since I love the yarn and I'd be really upset to not have it available when i need it.

Anyway, just so that this post has some worthwhile content, I was wondering if anyone knew of any small lace star/heart motifs. I'm designing some secret stripey items and I want to have little lace hearts and stars in them if I can (if I can't I'll probably just use purl bumps instead). I've tried to come up with my own design, and while I am fairly good at designing lace myself, I can't come up with anything satisfactory on the scale that I want. I just want little stars (5 pointed) and hearts.

Gauge for this is going to be worsted on size 3s, I don't know what that works out to exactly but probably around 6-7 sts/inch.

Thanks in advance for the help guys, I'm almost finished with a pair of socks so I'll post photographs of those for your enjoyment later on.
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