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Hi! I'm new to this community. My name is Tracy, I'm nineteen years old and I've been knitting for a year and a half. My dad taught me how. He hates it when I tell people that.

This morning I completed Knitty's Ribbon XBack. I made some changes. More or less, I knitted it up to be a sweater vest instead of a summer tank top because I (unlike the pattern's author) don't like ribbon yarn too much. So it's made of wool. I told someone a few days ago I'd post the pictures here and tell how the size-change went.

It turned out wonderfully, I'd say. I'm happy about it.

For Christmas I got a gift certificate to Gotta Knit! (I think that was its name?) In NYC, on sixth ave. It's an adorable store, but not on the cheap side. So I got some nice yarn, which I made this tank top from. It's Claudia Hand-Painted Yarns sport weight 100% Merino Wool in Caribbean Blue. I have more than half a skein left and I'm really excited to make ...something out of it. (fingerless gloves? There might be enough left for that.)

Anyway, I cast on 110 stitches on size 8 needles and used the measurements for L (which is cast on 112 in the ribbon yarn on size 11 needles), except for 1 stich less in each of the front pieces. It worked out.

Because this is my first post, I thought I'd show some of my other recent projects. So:

These scarves were my Christmas presents for the same people who gave me that gift certificate - they were a little late. Meaning, first week of February. Oops. o.O;;. The one on the left and the two on the right are patterns from "250 Knitting Stitches," my most used knitting book. They are, respectfully, Slip Stitch Mosaics II.40a, Cabel Panel VII.21, and Slip Stitch Mosaic II.6. The other two are the openwork scarf pattern from "Knitting to Go."

Also, I knit this scarf for a scholarship auction my school had last week. It's made from Soysilk's oasis in red. Now, I'm hugely superstitious and haven't knit anything for my boyfriend in the nearly six months we've been together. So, we are at the auction, and before the auctioneer gets through decribing it, Wally jumps up and shouts "sixty dollars!" and buys my scarf. Very cute maneuvering around the curse.

So here's the scarf:

And here he is, posing like a dork:

Ok, one last thing. I don't know if this is allowed here, but if anyone wants some chenille yarn, I have two skeins of Lion chenille prints - i think the color is called amsterdam? - that I know I'll never use - I hate chenille yarn. With a passion. I'm willing to give it away, but I'd prefer a swap for pretty much anything non-novelty. I just feel bad that it's just sitting there, with no hope to be knitted into anything ever. I'll also throw in some red & black eyelash yarn of unknown origins & brand that I also don't think I'll ever use.

Here's a picture:

One of the skeins is in a ball, but it's unused, I promise. I just needed something to do with my hands one night.

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