Mimi (wenchfaery) wrote in knitting,

Pattern Problems

Has anyone made the Maple Leaf socks from the latest issue of MenKnit? I'm having a problem with the instructions.

Row 5: k2tog, yo, k5, yo, skp, k9 (no probs here)
Row 6: Knit (that I can do)
Row 7: k5, reach down to each yo hole, pull up loop (should be 6 loops, these loops will be ktog next row) k13.


I don't have a camera, but the yo holes are not only a few rows away, but I can't see any loops, and when I try to put what I *think* are the loops on the needle, it just looks like I've stuck my needle through the knitting. (ie, it looks like crap and I can't k7tog through them).

The holes go like this

O 0
0 0

Help, please?


EDIT: okay, obviously I know nothing about formatting. Those little 0's are supposed to make a V-shape.
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