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I'm knitting a baby blanket on size 3 needles with a cast on of 245 stitches. The pattern has in it 'D3' as an abbreviation, i.e. 'yo D3 etc. etc. [I can't remember the wording for a row]' (I don't have the pattern with me at the moment so unfortunately I can't give you how it is placed in a particular row).

Does D3 mean decrease 3 stitches? Why wouldn't it just say K3tog then?

thanks for any help!

EDIT: I've emailed the customer svc dept at Herrschner's (where I got the pattern) to ask them. Hopefully I get an answer.

EDIT #2 (for anyone interested): Well, I guess there is a key after all and I overlooked it. Here is part of the reply I received (at least I can begin knitting once I get home!):
D3 is using 3 sts, and decreasing to one stitch.
D3: Sl 1, k2tog, psso.
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