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FO - American Beauty Rose Capelet

My first attempt at posting anything other than a comment here, a picture and blather are (hopefully) behind the cut! There are a few more pictures at my Flickr account which show a little more detail. Love seeing everyone's finished objects!!

Originally uploaded by Moeran.
The finally finished American Beauty Capelet from Knitting Over The Edge. Knit for my mother-in-law whose favorite flower is the yellow rose, it's a Christmas present turned Mother's Day present!

Yarn: Cascade Pastaza, 50% Llama 50% wool blend. The last two rows and cast off of the roses are knit holding two strands of Knit One Crochet Too's Douceur et Soie, a 70% Baby Mohair 30% Silk blend with the Pastaza. The Mohair yarn is also used in the fringe.

Needles: Size 9 Addi Turbo Circs

I did not add the collar as called for in the pattern as she doesn't like anything against her neck and throat. Instead just picked up stitches around the neck the same as for the front bands.

The steep shoulder shaping and (very heavy!) weight of the roses keep the capelet sitting securely without any kind of fastener.

Think that finishing the capelet portion means you're almost finished? Hell no, the real work has yet to be done! Each rose took over an hour between knitting them, sewing them into a rose-semblance shape, then placing and sewing them onto the capelet. 18 roses. 18. And the leaves - 30 of 'em.

Fringing it was simple and I got to buy a cool crochet hook on eBay to do it too. Next up, Lady Eleanor in Noro Silk Garden, all for me!
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