wingsrising (wingsrising) wrote in knitting,

Long-tailed cast on in 2x2 rib?

So, I've been curious whether it is possible to cast on in pattern using the long-tail cast on -- ie, producing a row of both knits and purls. I googled, and lo! it seems it is possible (I gather you just treat your thumb as if it were a giant needle and the index finger yarn as coming from the ball and, well, purl.) (It turns out that you can describe the normal long-tail cast-on in exactly this way, except of course you knit instead of purl. Cool.)

But the first "knit" of the long-tail cast-on produces 2 stitches: the new one and the slip knot (or the bar, if you don't use a slip knot.)

So, I'm confused about what I'd do if I wanted to produce 2x2 rib in this fashion. Knit one and purl 2, then continue with k2p2? (If I had to make a bet, I'd bet on this.) Knit 2, purl 2, and so on, only purling on the last stitch to produce an even number of stitches? What about if I wanted to do 1x1 rib?

Is this possible? Is it useful?

Note that even if it has no real advantage over a standard long-tail cast on, I'd be interested in learning if and how one could do it, since I think it would help me understand how the heck the long-tailed cast on works anyway.

I think another way to phrase this question is as follows: I keep reading that a double cast-on is exactly the same as doing a single cast-on and then knitting every stitch. But that doesn't seem like it can be right: you do one less "knit" with the double cast-on than you have stitches, since the first "knit" results in 2 stitches. Or am I confused?

I tried it but I'm having trouble reading that first row of knitting, which might be the answer to the "useful" question right there. :-)
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