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Long-Term Pilling

A question for people who've made sweaters and other high-wear items in KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes:

I completed a sweater this past Friday using Wool of the Andes knowing that it would likely pill a bit. What I didn't realize is exactly how much "a bit" is. I've worn it twice now and there are already spots in the fabric where you can no longer see the stitches because of the thick layer of fuzzballs that has developed.

How long-term is WotA's pilling in your experience? Does it eventually reach a critical mass, or will it not make a difference in the amount whether I take a razor to the piece? I've worked with some wools that only pill at the get-go and eventually stop once they've shed all of their short fibers, but then I've also worked with some that don't stop until the fabric's completely worn through, and in this case I'm worried that the WotA is leaning toward the latter. Is it safe to continue wearing my sweater as a day-to-day item, or should I reserve it for special occasions?

Thank you!
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